Terminology management with “nexus tBase”

Each company has their own wealth of technical terminology. To standardize this and make it accessible for all company employees is a challenge that every company must face. Filling your company-specific terminology base and making the content available to your employees is best accomplished via a browser. However, mid-sized companies are often unwilling to resort to the costly terminology management modules in server-based CAT systems that have to be reserved for use by the translation department anyway. Our scalable technology solution “nexus tBase”, which can be disconnected from the translation process, is well-suited for larger companies as well.

“nexus tBase” is a browser-supported terminology sharing system that can be easily adapted to meet your company-specific requirements. Access to each individual entry, or term, is controlled with rights that accrue to the user from his affiliation with one or more project groups. Project groups can be set up to be customer-specific or project-specific. The contents of the termbase can be made available to our translators for the relevant language pair. By using suitable term definitions, misinterpretations are avoided in the translation process and a consistent level of quality is guaranteed across all documents and language pairs.

Of course, “nexus tBase” is used also to increase quality through terminology sharing as part of our technical translation services.