Technical translation

Starting with your technical documentation, we produce technical translations between all major languages. We are well-versed and experienced in not only the translation of technical documentation like operating instructions, specifications, etc., but also in software localization as well. Software localization requires not only a specific and meaningful translation, it also requires that the functional requirements of user guidance be taken into consideration.

It goes without saying that foreign language character encoding is no problem for us. Of course we use the Western European character set, as well as the special characters for Central and Eastern European languages, the Greek character set, and the character sets for the Cyrillic alphabets, as well as the languages of the Mideast that are written right to left and the languages of the Far East that are written with their own characters, like Chinese.

Professional CAT systems increase the efficiency and quality of our translation services and help you to reduce your costs. We have used these types of systems since 1993. In addition, we guarantee the consistent high quality of our translation services with the help of our terminology sharing system “nexus tBase”.