Technical editing

Export-oriented companies from countries like Germany and Switzerland know that they can reach numerous markets if they deliver their machines and equipment along with understandable operating instructions in the language of the destination country that comply with the relevant directives. The EU machinery directive makes this mandatory within the European Economic Area. Even in other countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, technical documentation that complies with the applicable directives represents a significant competitive advantage.

In the area of technical documentation, we create structured operating instructions for you in German or English which conform to the requirements of the EU machinery directive. Depending on your requirements, we can use word processing programs such as Microsoft Word® or, Adobe FrameMaker® or the native XML editor of your choice. We are happy to examine your technical documentation for compliance with the directive or even create a risk analysis for you based on your technical documentation.

In addition, we offer the expertise to optimize your documentation-relevant information flow to remove all unnecessary redundancies and processing disruptions. We structure your documentation so that text and graphic modules as well as versions and language variants can be managed with a suitable editorial system, allowing you to save significant resources in the documentation and translation cycle. We are also happy to help you implement an editorial system to efficiently handle modular documentation, a translation memory system, or our terminology sharing system “nexus tBase”.